The dance language that Joost Vrouenraets uses in his choreography is expressive, philosophical and evocative. His work stems from a desire for beauty, rawness and estrangement. Vrouenraets is working with GOTRA on a continuation of his CHARLIE GOES HOME series, the central theme of which is mankind: people searching for their inner meaning.

His recent work PANDORA (2016), which was developed in association with Stadttheater Aachen, forms a bridge between the themes of ‘mankind searching’ and ‘mankind uprooted’ and emerges from the current issues of migration, refugees, and the attack on human values.


Love is a dangerous game to play with.

An ode to human frailty.


An intense and compelling performance that alternates between poetic tranquillity and the brute power of dance.

Vrouenraets uses charismatic dancers, each of whom embodies the theme of love versus violence as a reflection of her original cultural background.

Mami Izumi from Japan, Maïté Guérin from France, Franscesca Imola from Italy, Anna Senognoeva from Russia and Roshanak Morrowatian from Iran.

The performance is made up of rousing ensembles, ingenious partner work and virtuoso solos. Starting from a theatrical and poetic situation the dancers excel in Vrouenraets’s athletic and complex kinetic idiom. As an important contrast of body control, the dancers are challenged in situations of exhaustion and seeking out their physical limits, giving rise to the personal and human fragility that plays a crucial role in the expression of Vrouenraets’s theatrical dance forms.

This young choreographer is unique in the European dance landscape, thanks to the ingenuity of his work and the way he balances the grand gesture against subtle tranquillity. Originally from Limburg, Vrouenraets danced for many years under Maurice Béjart and has returned to his native land to develop his own dance language and artistic leadership. He does this in a characteristic manner, setting a theatrical tone that is thought-provoking and appeals to a wide audience.

Loran Delforge (Belgium) has composed the music for Pandora. Inge Zeppenfeld (Germany) is responsible for the dramaturgy and fashion designer Frédérick Denis (Belgium) for the costume design.


Through its varied dance initiatives GOTRA reaches a very diverse audience. From young to old, from healthy to sick. From the unsuspecting passer-by to the internet surfer. For lovers of contemporary dance to omnivorous festivalgoers. Enmeshed in the unique multilingualism and pluriform culture of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, GOTRA is able to maintain its relationship with national and international podia in a natural manner.